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Experience a wild, green and resilient city with less asphalt and more insects

Experiencethe city ofthe future

Rewilded City is a window into a future city that is lush & green; where warm asphalt, concrete and cars have been allowed to give way to trees, animals and life. It is part of Future Window Sthlm — an audiovisual experience that shows how life in a better Stockholm could be, sound and feel.

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Why Rewilded City

Eighty percent of the world´s population will soon live in cities. Cities that are being built, densified, and crowded. The empty and undeveloped spaces are becoming fewer and fewer, and green areas are often sacrificed first. At the same time, we are in the midst of an accelerating mass extinction of species. One-third of all the world´s insect species are currently threatened, and since 1970, we have lost 70% of the world´s animal populations, including mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish.

Moreover, our cities are ill-equipped for an upcoming era of warmer, more humid, and drier climates. Vast areas of asphalt and concrete, and the absence of naturally shaded vegetation, make the cities even hotter. People already suffer from this, and more and more will die. Floods will become increasingly common as heavy downpours release water that cannot drain away in time. The costs of all this, both economically and for humanity, will be enormous.

We envision a different future — a future where the city is rewilded. A future where we increase the amount of urban greenery in various ways (ground, walls, rooftops) so that we can benefit from nature´s services—such as air purification, water retention, heat regulation, and pollination of crops. Living in a quieter, calmer, and greener city also feels different.

Much can be done with modest means to make our cities greener and create habitats for other species. For example, we can stop mowing all the city´s lawns and actively create suitable living environments for wild animals beyond bee hotels and birdhouses. But if we genuinely want to rewild our cities, we must embrace significant changes. This includes reducing traffic volume, making the wild city accessible to all people, and adopting new construction techniques. It will be worth it.